Non-descript error when launching a simulation with 2N2222
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jmgonet 6 months ago
Hi all, This is my first simulation in EasyEDA, so I expect I'm not seeing something very obvious: * I have this schematic that I would like to simulate: []( * When I launch simulation a dialog pops up and says: "Error" but with nothing else to help me find what is about. ![Non-descript error when running simulation](// I've read the simulation tutorials, and I was careful to choose the NPN model from the System/Spice Discrete list. I chose a 2N2222, but I actually don't care much: if needed I can change to another model. I took the passive components from the EELib, as I read that those do have spice model associated. I've tried a simulation without the NPN transistor, and it ran as expected, so I guess the models for passive components are right. As soon as I add the transistor, it starts giving me the non-descript error. I've tried other transistors, but result is always that non-descript error. I've also tried to create a new project from scratch, just in case I did something wrong with configuration. I've also tried changing the simulation parameters I'm out of ideas, so if someone can help me... Best regards,    Jean-Michel Gonet
andyfierman 6 months ago
Some of the spice symbols had the wrong spice prefix assigned to them, in the case of the 2N2222 this was 'X' instead of 'Q'. This problem has been fixed now. You will need to select the 2N2222 symbol in your simulation schematic and then either: Press the 'I' Hotkey and change the spice prefix from 'X' to 'Q'; or: Right-click > Update Sorry for the inconvenience.
jmgonet 6 months ago
Yes! That did it! Thanks for your help. Say... don't you ever sleep? Best regards,    Jean-Michel Gonet
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