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Opening a project in EasyEDA Professional
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jerrymailloux 4 months ago
Hello, I've migrated a project from EasyEDA STD to EasyEDA Professional.  In STD, the project opens with no problems very quickly.  In Professional, both on the web and desktop, the project starts opening, then stalls at 75%.  It will stall sometimes for ~10s, then the project opens fine.  Other times, it will be stalled for minutes.  I have to close the application, reopen it and try again.  Any thoughts as to what could be going wrong.  I'm using MacOS with the Chrome browser.
kwilkin 4 months ago
I see no reply yet after one week. so many of us having this issue. I'm spending a good chunk of the day waiting for my projects to open :-(
andreacala 4 months ago
Same issue as  [jerrymailloux]( and  [kwilkin]( tens of minute and still nothing. I'm using Chrome with windows 10...
Peter Sellers 4 months ago
This works sometimes for me. After waiting for a while at 75% press X at the load line to the right(75%) and start again. This helps a little. BR Peter
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