Option to display selected Custom Attributes next to symbol in schematic
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andyfierman 1 year ago
It would be nice to have the option to display selected Custom Attributes from the right hand panel next to the symbol in the schematic. For example the user could add a "Voltage" and/or "Dielectric" Custom Attribute for a capacitor or a "Power" Custom Attribute for a resistor that could then be displayed under the Value attribute, next to the symbol in the schematic.
MikeDB 1 year ago
Seconded.   In CadStar you can attach these attributes to wires and use these as layout constraints which is a great tool for critical track layout.  Whilst  I don't expect we'll see this feature in EasyEDA, it would be useful to be able to add and display these attributes to wires as well as components to aid manual layout.
andyfierman 1 year ago
@MikeDB, I'm glad you've picked up on this. This aspect of appending information to nets is something that I discussed in one of the earlier sections of: [https://easyeda\.com/andyfierman/Welcome\_to\_EasyEDA\-31e1288f882e49e582699b8eb7fe9b1f](https://easyeda.com/andyfierman/Welcome_to_EasyEDA-31e1288f882e49e582699b8eb7fe9b1f) but I didn't think to mention it in this Feature Request. In some of the high end EDA tools, net annotations such as characteristic impedance and transmission structure in the schematic directly define the PCB track widths and spacings based on the PCB stack up information. Trace width may also be determined by schematic information about required current capacity or permitted temperature rise using copper thickness again taken from the PCB stack up information.
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