Out of frame text hard to find, select and delete
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andyfierman 5 years ago
**BUG** Concise problem statement: There is a block of text out of the far left of the frame. It was created by accident by pasting in a very long line of text with no line breaks and then editing that text inline to add line breaks. When clicking out of the text back on the canvas, the text disappeared from view. It shows in the project preview window but not in the editor. `Fit in Window` does not zoom out far enough to show it. I have managed to find it by doing `Ctrl+A` then `Ctrl+C` then `Ctrl+Shift+V` into a new schematic sheet. This then shows the text on the far left. Seelcting only this text and then deleting it then allows me to do `Ctrl+A` again and using the left arrow key, slide the rest of the schematic back into the frame. If this happens to a user, it is hard to understand the problem and to explain to them how to fix it. > Can `Fit in Window` be made to zoom out far enough to show *everything* in the schematic (or PCB etc.)? Url: https://easyeda.com/file_view_Moving-coil-cartridge-preamp-text-off-page_YsYSa4mEW.htm Browser: Chrome
example 5 years ago
Now, you can remove it from EasyEDA source.
example 5 years ago
I know that and you know that :) but if a user does the same thing by accident, all they see is that the text just disappears. :( They do not know that it has gone off the edge of the frame. So, they do not know to go and look in the EasyEDA Source file. If they paste the same text back in but with line breaks so they can see it in the expected place in the frame (which is what I did!) then they now have two copies of the same text in the EasyEDA Source file. If they do not know the syntax of the EasyEDA Source file then they do not know which copy to delete. Maybe it is no big deal because users do not make this mistake very often but It would just be easier for users if `Fit in Window` just showed everything; even if it is out of the frame. Maybe I should have posted this as a `Feature Request`. :)
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