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PCB Resize
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poweromania 1 week ago
So, I have this PCB that is 35 mm wide, and I want to make it wider to 38 mm but when i try to do that using the set board outline the PCB only gets wider to the right side and i want for it to get resized equally. Because i already have components on the board and i don't want to move them because that will mess up with my layer design. I just want to resize the PCB outline Basically, like when you are in Paint and want to resize an image you have the option to maintain the aspect ratio. Is it something similar i can do inside EasyEDA?
andyfierman 1 week ago
Suppose your PCB is 35mm wide and has the origin for the board outline at 0, 0. Making it 38mm wide adds 3mm to the total width. Simply increasing the width using the **Set Board Outline** tool adds 3mm to the right hand side. To make it 38mm wide by adding 1.5mm to the left and 1.5mm to the right hand sides, set the **Start X** value to -1.5mm. then increase the **Width** to 38mm. Note that you can reposition the board origin at any time using: **Place > Set Canvas Origin... ** menu (or the Home or Ctrl+Home buttons)
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