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Part number not updated in user edited EasyEDA Libs symbols
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andyfierman 9 years ago
**BUG** Concise problem statement: When a new symbol is created by a user double clicking on an EasyEDA Libs symbol, editing it ans saving it, the part number still shows the original EasyEDA Libs part number and not the new user part number. I have known about this problem for a while but have only just made time to write a bug report about it now because it has now been encountered by a user: <> ~~~~ I created a zener diode (1N5221B), using the zener diode symbol from the EasyEDA Library. I followed the above procedure exactly with no evident problems, but when I place it in a schematic, it has the part number of the default zener: BZT52C10. It's a simple matter to edit the part number and the device simulates as expected (or will, once I finish tweaking the model) -- I just wondered if persistence of the default part name is expected. There was no such problem with the new generic mosfet symbols. ~~~~ The `new generic mosfet symbols` referred to above are these: >GENERIC SPICE .SUBCKT NMOSFET symbol (Enhancement) >GENERIC SPICE .SUBCKT PMOSFET symbol (Enhancement) >GENERIC SPICE .MODEL NMOSFET symbol (Enhancement) >GENERIC SPICE .MODEL PMOSFET symbol (Enhancement) I created these symbols to avoid this exact problem. They can be found with `SHIFT+F`. The problem seems to be that the `Model'<name>'` part of: ~~~~ {"head":"7~1.9.1~400~300~package`SOD123`name`Zener`pre`D?`spicePre`X`nameAlias`Model`Model`BZT52C10` ~~~~ the EasyEDA Source file is not being updated when the user edits the Model name in the symbol Editor. My reply to this user (see below) describes a workaround but I think the user should not have to do this so I am reporting this as a bug. ~~~~ I think you may have found a small bug in the symbol editing process. Could I ask you to post this as a Bug Report please? The part number persistence can be corrected by editing the EasyEDA Source file for the new spice symbol but it is a bit messy and the user should not have to do it this way. Here's how you can fix it in the EasyEDA Source: Document > EasyEDA Source opens the EasyEDA Source window. This is what the EasyEDA Source code (JSON) is for the zener symbol from the EasyEDA Libs: {"head":"7~1.9.1~400~300~package`SOD123`name`Zener`pre`D?`spicePre`X`nameAlias`Model`Model`BZT52C10`","canvas":"CA~1021~621~#FFFFFF~yes~black~10~1021~621~line~1~pixel~0.5","shape":["P~show~0~1~380~300~180~gge1^^380~300^^M 380 300 h 15~#880000^^0~398~303~0~A~start~~^^0~389~299~0~+~end~~^^0~392~300^^","P~show~0~2~420~300~0~gge2^^420~300^^M 420 300 h -15~#880000^^0~402~303~0~K~end~~^^0~411~299~0~-~start~~^^0~408~300^^","PL~410 309 406 305 406 295 402 291~#880000~1~0~none~gge4","PT~M 395 306 L 405 300 L 395 293 Z~#880000~1~0~#880000~gge6"],"annotation":[],"BBox":{"x":378,"y":291,"width":44,"height":18}} Where it says: name`Zener` your code will probably have your new subckt name but where it says: Model`BZT52C10` your code will probably still say: Model`BZT52C10` This is why your symbol still shows the default name of BZT52C10 in the schematic. To correct this, edit the Model reference to your new subckt name. For example: if your subckt is BZX84_C3V0_NXP, then the name reference should say: name`BZX84_C3V0_NXP` and the Model reference should therefore be changed to: Model`BZX84_C3V0_NXP` ~~~~ (Note that the user did not create a bug report so here is one from me.) :)
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