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profal 2 years ago
As I build my PCB's, i obviously need parts, many of which are common and most can be found at LCSC. HOWEVER, I find it difficult to search for a part. I would really like to see an improved parts search. So maybe I could enter something like "Resistor, 10K, 5% 1/4W" and have the available matching parts just pop up. Basically, an improved integration between LCSC and EASYEDA would be appreciated.
andyfierman 2 years ago
Good call! We are working to introduce exactly the kind of description that you suggest. :)
brucehawkins 1 year ago
I second the part search improved UI. Being able to enter a search term for each metric column of the grid would be better however. That way the user could enter 0805 in the package column and 10K into the value column and find all parts that match. A grid control that allowed sorting on any column would also be helpful. The above approach would be a step toward the kind of parametric search now standard for most sites that sell parts (ie Digikey, Mouser, etc). The general idea is multiple search terms each specific to a metric/column. A single field at the top of each grid column would do it. Then each term would filter on that specific field IE in SQL: Package Like '%0805%' and Value Like '%10K%'
dillon 1 year ago
@brucehawkins Yes we are focus on this , the search result will be better at our **beta** version
jan.tichavsky 1 year ago
@dillon this is related issue to the parts search at LCSC: When I pick some part there sometimes it's impossibly to find and place the part in the editor. Searching the name or paarts of it doesn't show, picking by category (for example micro USB connectors are hard to pick the right one) is nearly impossible to find the same part as in LCSC. I suggest one simple solution: allow search by LCSC part numbers in EasyEDA. Unfortunately it doesn't work now but it would solve a lot of issues and speed up the design considerably.
dillon 1 year ago
You are right, It is on the road @jan.tichavsky
andyfierman 1 year ago
* Finding parts via the Parts Order button: is now much easier because the search and filtering tools are better (great work Team!). Also, when an LCSC part *is* found in the EasyEDA **Parts** or **SHIFT+F** component search then clicking on the **BUY** button will take you to the product page on the LCSC site. Like this: ![enter image description here][1] * However, finding parts in the EasyEDA **Parts** or **SHIFT+F** component search is still hard. What about making the LCSC part number on a component page a link so that if it is clicked, it locates that component in the **Parts** or **SHIFT+F** component search in EasyEDA? Like this: ![enter image description here][2] [1]: /editor/20170901/59a93d2783e60.png [2]: /editor/20170901/59a93e5f40872.png
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