Please fix selecting more than one word in posts longer than visible screen height
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andyfierman 1 week ago
There are two problems that I have on Android phones. 1. When posting or replying in the forum, using the blue selection handles, I can select any amount of text anywhere from the start of a post to the last line that is visible on the screen without having to scroll down. If I have to scroll down the screen to make the text visible then I can only select one word at a time. If it try to select more than one word, as soon as I release the blue selection handle, the whole selection is cleared: no text is highlighted for selection. 2) If I have to scroll down the screen to make the text visible so that I select it or select a point where I want to paste something in or add a new line, then as soon as I touch the screen at that selection point, then the whole screen jumps back to top of the new post and I then have to scroll down again to see the cursor at the editing point in the text. This behaviour is so bad that I now compose most of my posts in a separate editor (usually as a new email in Gmail because then it is auto -saved in case I make a mistake in the browser buttons: see my other Feature Request about saving partially completed posts: ([]( I then copy and paste my post into the forum but even that is not a good solution because the editor introduces extra unwanted formatting and it also does not handle images well. * I do not know if this is because there is a character limit operating or if it is an interaction with the visible screen area. * This problem does not exist when posting from a PC in Linux or Windows. The two videos below show this behaviour (split into two videos because the single video was too big to upload). ![Screen_Recording_20210405-145904_001.gif](// ![Screen_Recording_20210405-145904_002_001.gif](//
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