Please add .dsn export option for FreeRouter!
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codeandsolder 2 years ago
**Feature Request** FreeRouter is the most advanced open source PCB router and it uses .dsn files for input. It would be great if you could support it.
dillon 2 years ago The local auto router is great and faster
Vitalhb 2 years ago
Yes, it would be great if Easyeda supported FreeRoute!
zhuravliki 7 months ago
Hello, Dillon, Unfortunately, the local autorouter cannot be compared to FreeRouter. Local autorouter is suitable for simple tracing with a lot of manual tracing after it finishes. FreeRouter algorithm is capable to handle very complicated tracing with thousands of pins and generates good results in cases when EasyEDA autorouter fails. Local autorouter, simple, cannot compete with FreeRouter at all. Many users, I know, tried EasyEDA, like this system and... turned back to Eagle and KiCAD because they support the export to FreeRouter, they have the options to specify the wire/trace type and width on SCHEMATIC level, which is absolutely essential option for any EDA design. This is completely missing in your software, and makes in suitable for simple beginners design only. Please add .dsn export to EasyEDA. It is truly necessary. Thank you.
ExperimentalEsc 4 months ago
Please can this export type be added! This is my first time using EasyEDA and it was all great up until the autorouter, if I don't have the option to use FreeRouter I'll just do everything in Kicad from now on.
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