Please fix the expressions in - or remove - the EasyEDA Sources.
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andyfierman 3 years ago
## From V4.1.1. the Voltage Source(EasyEDA) and Current Source(EasyEDA) sources have been removed from the libraries. ### Please see lower down in this thread. **BUG** Concise problem statement: The Voltage Source(EasyEDA) and Current Source(EasyEDA) in the EasyEDA Libs have caused a lot of confusion to users in simulation. ***It is therefore recommended that users instead select the standard spice independent Voltage and Current sources:*** ![enter image description here][1] ![enter image description here][2] * **The use of these independent sources is explained in detail using examples in the EasyEDA Simulation eBook here:** `Configuring Voltage and Current Sources` * This post explains the problem: In Version 3.10.2, the expressions for the EasyEDA Sources need to be either: 1) corrected and the displayed parameters clarified in the right hand Properties panel; or: 2) removed because the standard spice independent source is clearly explained in the Simulation eBook. (I would prefer (2) because it is less to document. :) ) [1]: /editor/20161101/5818602f2d5e1.png [2]: /editor/20161101/581860eb2ddc7.png
andyfierman 3 years ago
Sorry but I have to ask for the VoltageSource(EasyEDA) and CurrentSource(EasyEDA) sources to be removed or at least hidden so that they cannot be selected. Every time a user tries to use one of these sources in a simulation they configure them completely wrong.
andyfierman 3 years ago
## The VoltageSource(EasyEDA) and CurrentSource(EasyEDA) sources have now been removed. Please use the independent sources in: **SHIFT+F** `System Components > Spice Sources` ![enter image description here][1] ![enter image description here][2] As described in: **Configuring Voltage and Current Sources** in **The EasyEDA Simulation eBook** at: [1]: /editor/20170124/58874c32cb6e8.png [2]: /editor/20170124/58874c46943e3.png
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