Please improve the way SHIFT+F SEARCH works using partial component names.
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andyfierman 3 years ago
**Feature Request** Brief title for your desired feature: Make SHIFT+F component search find more components. How would you like the feature to work? If I type in TFFEE then I can find the TFFEE T type simulatable flip flop. If I type in TFF then I find other devices with TFF substring in the name but not the TFFEE part. If I type in SRLATCHEE then I can find the SRLATCHEE simulatable SR flip flop. If I type in SRLATCH then no parts are found. The SHIFT+F component search should find all components with names containing the substring matching that characters entered into the SEARCH text box. Why is this feature important to you? With the way the search works at present, users are missing out on finding many devices.
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