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Pro Edition not working properly
50 3 1 week ago
Hi, since a few days, the Pro edition has several issues, making it hard to use. Here a project you can hopefully see the issues: [https://pro\.easyeda\.com/editor\#id=28d9a2d7d1f44224ad6b57ee5fe313b2\,tab=edb1c7933884477193e3294bd8d7743d\|\*f96af4480eee4527888581f84cc276bf](,tab=edb1c7933884477193e3294bd8d7743d%7C*f96af4480eee4527888581f84cc276bf) or the invite [](<br> <br> Browser: Firefox 105.0a1 (2022-07-28) (64-Bit) Windows 10 Regards, g3gg0 <br> Issues: # **1\. Board outline in 3D does not generate properly anymore** I can really not make out what has changed since then. I even recreated the outline, but still it incorrectly generates the cut. The last thing i did before realizing it doesn't generate anymore, was removing something on the documentation layer. before: ![]( now: ![grafik.png](// # 2\. 3D Models do not load anymore Working before, i get these placeholder models now after 5 mins of loading: ![grafik.png](// # 3\. Exporting 3D OBJ does not work anymore It just "works" a few minutes, scrolling the bottom bar and i get no file to download.
Comments 6 days ago
noone facing the same problem?
Reply 6 days ago
ah forget it, now it works
UserSupport 3 days ago
Hi 1\. it is normal for now\. because this way has a good perfomance and easy to deal with the complicated board outline you can use slot region instead of board outline to cutout board 2\. if your PCB was imported from Std files\, you need to re\-binding the 3D model 3\. does it works now?
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