Putting/keeping multilayer pads in the paste layer
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Bogdan GRIGORIU 2 months ago
Hi, I recently had the following issue and had a strange behavior from Easy EDA. I choose to make the links between upper and lower layers not through vias but through the pads of existing components (maybe a wrong strategy but not the point here) As expected these multi-layered components are not present on  the top/bottom paste mask layers for obvious reason (much have been posted also on the matter). So I started to do it by hand by adding solid surface element above these pads. However I noticed that some multilayered elements are still present on the paste mask layers; Notably this is the case for the holes of the USB connecter (which is logic) but this is also the case for two pads of 1205 resistors  namely R10 and R11 ( but not for all resistors of the same size/footprint used).  I was not able to understand what attribute is different for these components that they still appear on the paste mask layer. the link to the design is here [https://oshwlab.com/b_grigoriu/mod-t962-upgrade-board](https://oshwlab.com/b_grigoriu/mod-t962-upgrade-board) (As I am still learning I am also ready to accept any criticism on the design if constructive. ) Thanks in advance P.S. I also found a way to not doing manually the adding of solid areas by : \- creating the design \- saving the gerber file \- order the PCB from this gerber \- reopen the design \- transform all multilayered pads in monolayer \- saving again the gerber \- using this second gerber to order ONLY the Stencil It is fast  and solves the problem but still dont help me to understand the issue above
andyfierman 2 months ago
It would be good if you could create a little public project that shows and clearly identifies these issues. Thanks.
Bogdan GRIGORIU 2 months ago
That is what i did the public project can be adressed in the link above or below [https://oshwlab.com/b_grigoriu/mod-t962-upgrade-board](https://oshwlab.com/b_grigoriu/mod-t962-upgrade-board)<br> <br>
Bogdan GRIGORIU 2 months ago
Sorry  for the fragmented response: I also tried to reproduce the issue on another project without success.
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