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Quick add component by LCSC Part number/SKU
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EdHayes3 1 month ago
Would be really convenient for a box that would allow faster LCSC part placement. Goal of this is to allow the quickest search and placement of Parts Minimum Feature: \- Applicable to Schematic and potentially PCB \- A text box would be placed in the top right  area \- User would place curser in box\. \- User would paste an LCSC part number in \- User would press Enter\, or click search\, of potentially even system would run search upon pate execution \(there could be some issue with this\, like what if they are typing it in\, what would happen?\) \- Would require a direct hit of item\, not a "begins with" since the LCSC part numbers are different lengths\. \- System would find part number and prepare it for placement\. End result would be Click, Paste, Enter (or click, or non) Place. Enhanced Feature \- Lazy Loading List of results that would update as you type \(using "begins with" search process\) \- Search list would show LCSC Part\, MFG item number\, and Description\. \- Search would include ability to search by MFG Part number \- Search would always find direct hits of LCSC Part numbers at the top of the list \- Top of list search results would always be executed with "enter" \- Ability to click a search results to place them\. Existing approach is: \- Click Library \- Windows Opens \- Replace previous search text \(Double click/Replace previous search\, or click X and click in the box\) \- Paste item number \- Press Enter \- Click Part \- Click Place Existing process is Click, Click, Click, Paste, Enter, Click, Click. Existing process also has a higher cognitive load. Reduction of clicks would be about 3 or 4. There would be significantly less cognitive load. Preparation of schematic would be significantly quicker.
georgepapas123 2 weeks ago
@usersupport the second part number picked from within the dialog is C365129
georgepapas123 2 weeks ago
@usersupport It doesn't work though. Are different part numbers used? I want to use resistor with part number C916018 ([https://lcsc\.com/product\-detail/Chip\-Resistor\-Surface\-Mount\_Firstohm\-First\-Resistor\-Condenser\-MM52F270KTKRTR2K0\_C916018\.html]( When I enter it in "Export Schematic BOM" \| "Assign LCSC Part\#" it is "Not Found \!" but if you then select "search on lcsc\.com" the page is found and opens\. Conversely when I pick another part from within the dialog and click on the part number link (to the left of "Stock") the part is not found on [ !]( Why isn't the same database used? As is the system is unusable.
UserSupport 1 month ago
You can assign the LCSC part number at Export BOM dialog
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