Repeated R then Y-with-vertical-text causes netlabel text to wander away from netlabel anchor point.
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andyfierman 8 months ago
After playing around with X, Y and R keys I can show that there isan issue with a repeated cycle of R followed by Y keystrokes when the text is vertical causing the netlabel **text** to wander away from the netlabel **anchor point**. Initial placement: ![image.png](// After an X keystroke: ![image.png](// Another X keystroke: ![image.png](// After a Y keystroke: ![image.png](// After an X Keystroke: ![image.png](// Another an X and then a Y keystroke: ![image.png](// These positions persist after any number of X and Y keystrokes in any order: ![image.png](// After several more X and Y key strokes in no particular order, back where we started: ![image.png](// However do a single R (rotate) keystroke: ![image.png](// and then follow it with an X keystroke: ![image.png](// then R: ![image.png](// R followed by Y: ![image.png](// After some more R and then, with the text vertical doing Y: ![image.png](// And then some more X, Y and R: ![image.png](// and: ![image.png](// and: ![image.png](// and after lots of R and then Y with vertical text you can get to: ![image.png](//
UserSupport 7 months ago
Hi will fixed it at v6.3 thanks
andyfierman 1 week ago
This is still happening: ![netlabel_wander.gif](//
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