Replace part in schematic
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lynxlabeling 2 years ago
**Feature Request** Brief title for your desired feature: Add ability to replace an existing component in the schematic with another part. How would you like the feature to work? In the 'Parts Attributes' panel, add a button to replace the part. The button will open the parts manager where the user will select the replacement part. Why is this feature important to you? Often a component needs to be replaced. Currently, there is no way to do so. The only workaround is to place the desired component, delete the existing one, move the new one into place, and rename its RefDes - a long process. A common scenario is to quickly create a schematic using parts from the EELib. Later, the parts need to be replaced with the correct ones. Another common scenario is a part placed is found to be incorrect or need changing.
David Alter 1 year ago
I agree!  I went to order my BOM on LCSC and 4 of the components that had previously 10,000+ in stock were now "out of stock" and I cannot figure out an easy way to replace them.
andyfierman 1 year ago
@dalter, Two choices. 1) Find another supplier and then edit the supplier and supplier part number attributes of all instances of the affected part. I think that if you cntrl left-click select every affected part then you can edit these two attributes across all parts simultaneously. 2) Find an alternative part  from LCSC and edit the LCSC and manufacturer's part numbers, and if required, the PCB footprint. Ditto about multiple selections. Note that if you update the footprint in the schematic then do Update PCB... to pull the new footprint into the PCB. Actually, if you only want to change the supplier then there's a third way. Just download and edit the BOM. Seems like cheating but actually that's how most commercial companies deal with the increasingly prevalent problem of shortages.
dreAn 6 months ago
I cannot believe there is no option to do what the thread creator suggests...  I looked for it for several minutes being sure there have to be an option for that..
UserSupport 6 months ago
@dreAn Hi You can delete it and place a new one....
Juha Lainema 6 months ago
But if you have a hundred components you want to replace, deleting each and replacing them will take long enough for that part to be out of stock when you actually make a new order. This is a really important feature for any design one actually tries to get manufactured.
andyfierman 6 months ago
Having some feature to replace a component only helps if there are a large number of the same part to replace. If each part is different it is difficult to speed up the process by automating it because although the substitution process may be speeded up, a substitution list still has to be created which probably has to be a manual process involving checking datasheets for compatibility and so will take some time
dreAn 6 months ago
in case I want it assembled, or buy components as well...  there is a smart "select similar components" that is helpful, but then it should have an option to replace them all. Also, If there are design changes, like capacitors that need to be changed around sketches, it is an unholy mess to hunt down and replace one-by-one.
louislewis 5 months ago
I agree, this would be an extremely useful feature to have.
niklasm 5 months ago
I would also like to see such a feature. Please implement one. I would much rather write a pin mapping than have to replace each component and rerun traces
andyfierman 5 months ago
The ability to remap pins of Schematic  Symbols already exists. Select the symbol then press the I key.
javaguru 5 days ago
+1 for this feature request. A problem with deleting and replacing a component is that when the PCB is updated, the replacement component is not put in the same place as it should be, but as a new component off the board.
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