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Replacing generic parts in Schematic
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Lesliev 1 year ago
@andyfierman Hello all, I have found a Schematic on the OSHWLab site for a Lipo charger and now have it open in EasyEDA.  Many of the parts are generic components with no manufacturer name or part number so the BOM is incomplete for manufacture by JLCpcb.  I realise this is as it should be for such a design and am just delighted that so many very clever people make their designs so freely available.  My question is in changing the parts to a JLCpcb library part am I best to just search the library for an instock part with same specifications and package and manually place it in the schematic or is there a way to choose the part in EasyEDA, search for a replacement in the library and then have the replacement part auto update the part info and replace the generic part's symbol?  I havent been able to find such an option so am assuming it is not available but thought I would ask just in case. Regards
andyfierman 1 year ago
Although it is a long thread, it is well worth reading through the one in the link below to get an understanding of the issues involved in swapping parts in a project: [https://easyeda\.com/forum/topic/Replace\_part\_in\_schematic\-aEasKEVdv](<br> <br> If you really can't wait: a solution is suggested by UserSupport at the end of the topic. :)
deskpro256 1 year ago
Hi! Do you mind showing which project it is, maybe the creator can help as well :D If you don't plan and don't want to edit the PCB, you could just use the PCB as is, generate the gerbers and edit the BOM and PnP files to use the LCSC parts for the assembly. Just be sure the footprints match. After all, you're just looking to get a finished project PCB assembled, maybe that is a way to get this done. The creator probably had the components already and just soldered them himself, so the LCSC parts were irrelevant. I also have a habit of not caring about my projects PCBA readiness if it's just a one-off project and a home etched board done in an evening :) Hope this also helps!
Lesliev 1 year ago
@andyfierman, @deskpro256 Hello, and apologies for the late reply but Christmas and NY etc got in the way. As suggested by Andy I read the thread and can certainly see a lot of users keen to have an option for changing the part in place and can also easily see the value of the questions asked by @andyfierman. Essentially in my case I found the schematic I was refering to from here []( was even more difficult to replace parts as not all of them were fully specified in the schematic.  Eventually it became too hard and so a more thorough search has found this design [](  which when opened in EasyEDA (an option in the design)included all the parts with their LCSC part numbers so very helpful.  In reality it appears to be a complete design and could be sent straight to JLCPCB for manufacture in its current design and form. I will redesign the board shape to suite my specific requirements but what a fantastic, generous offer to make something like this avaialbale to newbies like me to use but more importantly to learn from.  The electronics community continues to astound me with its willingness to share and help. Thank you for your responses. much appreciated. Regards
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