Request: PCB Work Area Auto-Scroll

  docflash, 2 weeks ago


When a schematic is converted to a PCB all of the components are outside of the layout area, and the components need to be dragged to the proper position. I often need to zoom on the components to identify and highlight them which puts the layout area out of view.

When I drag the part toward the layout area it would be helpful if the layout area automatically scrolled into position when the part reached the edge of the window. That way I wouldn't have to stop and right click the work area to move the layout area into view and then select and move the part again and again. I hope that makes sense.

Also, thanks for all the hard work you put into this site. I'm a novice, and this is the most intuitive software I could find. And it's FREE!




Maybe you can use Drag or cross probe and place function.
when you drag a package you can scroll the mouse to zoom the canvas

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