Scripting - Set component positions
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Hi all, assuming i have a list of all component names and their (center) X/Y position in mil from the PCB origin as well as their origins. Now I want to programmatically position all components in the PCB layout at the given positions w/ their rotation. (as if I trained a monkey selecting manually a component by its name and enter the X/Y values) So i have a bunch of hurdles and questions, I hope some can be answered by you :) I tried fetching the source using api('getSource', {type: "json"}); -> result: got all important information. but... every single drawable entity with their subentities and texts and arcs and stuff etc has its absolute position in there. I would have to fully understand the mechanics of what is a LINE and an ARC and TEXT and PAD and must not forget a single unexpected item there. [Bug?] Tried to get the real position like in the examples using api('coordConvert', {type:'canvas2real',x: 10}) -> result: i was not able to convert "mil" or "mm" units into the "real" coordinates, as the API call is crashing:     message: "getPCBUnit is not defined"     stack: "[email protected][]( **edit:** Oh no! Most of the post vanished. It was cut right in the middle of the stackdump. darn. Questions: 1\. how to set the rotation \*absolute\* ? 2\. how to get the current X/Y/rotation? 3\. how to select a component by its name \(like "R12"\)? 4\. what would be your preferred approach to set component positions? Thats my current test code: `api('moveObjsTo', { objs:["gge5d7d37af6db8001c"], x:4000, y:3000}); // manually set position to origin` `api('rotation', {ids:["gge5d7d37af6db8001c"], degree:90});`
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my current approach for storing positions and applying positions: `// store component positions` `var result = api('getSource', {type: "json"});` `var ids = [];``for (id in result.FOOTPRINT)` `{` `    var head  = result.FOOTPRINT[id].head;` `    var texts = result.FOOTPRINT[id].TEXT;` `    for (subObject in texts)` `    {` `        if(texts[subObject].type == "P")` `        {` `            ids.push( { id: id, name: texts[subObject].text, x: head.x, y: head.y, rotation: head.rotation } );` `        }` `    }` `}``document.storedPositions = ids;``-------------------------------------------------------------------------``// restore component positions - rotation does not work yet` `var dump = api('getSource', {type: "json"});``for (id in dump.FOOTPRINT)` `{` `    var head  = dump.FOOTPRINT[id].head;` `    var texts = dump.FOOTPRINT[id].TEXT;` `    for (subObject in texts)` `    {` `        if(texts[subObject].type == "P")` `        {` `            var name = texts[subObject].text;` `            var found = document.storedPositions.find(e => == name);` `            if(found != undefined)` `            {` `                api('moveObjsTo', { objs: [ id ], x: found.x, y: found.y });` `                api('rotation',   { ids: [ id ],  degree: (found.rotation - head.rotation) });` `            }` `        }` `    }` `}`
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