Search for a smt placed component is a nightmare here
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Hi there! Request: Put new options at component criteria search: Minimum Quantities, Not Out of Stock, Order by Price, Search on Group ONLY (resistors, capacitors, etc). I'm new using EasyEDA\, but just found that EASY is at the name only\. \*\*Works fine for boards only\, not for smd mounted components\*\* The JCLPCB announcements on Youtube shows a EASY and CHEAP way for starters to make prototype PCBs.... Without components, ok... But with smt is an absolute WRONG statement!! After drawing and placing components, the nightmare starts at BOM check/order components... All kinds of problems: Out of stock\, \*discontinued\* \(so why stays available in software?\) very high minimum quantities \(low quantities are ALWAYS out of stock\)\, and no one of these options can be put on search criteria\.\.\. Do the developers USED this system at least once? For starters, it is useless! Hope someone read this this century yet and can make a change. Tks!
UserSupport 1 week ago
JLPCB smt parts: ![图片.png](// The in stock quantity is reading from LCSC, not JLCPCB we will show JLCPCB stock soon
Billygoat 1 week ago
I too just started using EasyEDA.  When I have completed my design, I want to order 3 assembled PCBs so I can test them.  Depending on how successful my product becomes, I will order more. The problem is, many of the parts in the library have a minimum order of more than 3.  Often the minimum order quantity is 100.  I can not find a way to filter the search results by minum number. It is not clear whether EasyEDA users need to be concerned with minimum order quantity, or whether the components are simply kept in stock at the PCB manufacturing plant. It is also not clear how it helps to know that the stock quantity displayed relates to only one of the possible suppliers. **So my question is:** As an EasyEDA user planning to order 3 assembled boards, do I need to worry about minimum order quantity? Many thanks, Bill
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