Set Board Outline Dialag messes with size and position
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lynxlabeling 2 months ago
In the PCB editor, set units to mils. Then open Set Board Outline Dialog. Set X & Y position to 0.0 and Width and Height to 500. Close dialog. Now open the dialog again. X & Y position will be -20, and width and height will be 540. The dialog increases the boundary by 20 mils all the way around. When changing to the correct values, the board outline is correct, but opening the dialog on an existing outline will always enlarge it by the 20 mils on each side. The same is true of other units, but the amount added is always 20 mils. This bug appeared sometime in the last 12 months I believe. I don't think it was always there. It has remained through several version updates, and is still in the latest version.
UserSupport 2 months ago
It isn't a bug, it is designed on purpose, because the board outline wizard need to include all objects. we will remove this future at next release.
Todd Lizambri 2 months ago
I believe there is a bug here, so please look at this. To add to @lynxlabeling description, if you open and close the "Set Board Outline..." dialog repeatedly (several times in a row), the size and position of the board continues to move relative to the components that have been placed.  Please let us know if there is a workaround. I have my board setup so that the center of the board is at 0,0 (not sure if that matters).
lynxlabeling 2 months ago
Todd is correct. If you use the dialog repeatedly, the board outline keeps growing. It does this without any components even placed.
MikeDB 2 months ago
Ah that explains the problem I was having the other day before sending two designs off to JLCPCB.   I can confirm I have seen the same thing happening.
The problem is still preserved! This is a serious problem with the circuit board. We are waiting for a solution to the problem.
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