Show the real overall dimensions in component browser

  slavazar, 1 month ago

It is very necessary to show the real overall dimensions in component browser



Interesting suggestion but this is not something that is normally shown in EDA tool component browsers.

Most component dimensions are something you know from the package type like 0805 or SOT-23.

Dimensions for less common parts are checked by referring to the datasheet.


Thanks for reply. I just wanted to say that its would be convenient, to avoid mistakes.


My 2 cents: it is true that the coordinate system / snapping / measurement tool make designing a footprint a real pita. Among other things, the measurement tool is extremely imprecise. It is too fat to make it practical (seriously, it should be one pixel width, regardless of zoom!).

Ideally, such a tool would have smart snapping (snap to nearest pad on either axis, etc). An example of clever snapping mechanisms is in as simple a tool as Google Slides.

But really, the dimensions of a pad should be displayed on the pad itself, and there could be built-in tools to also measure distance between pads automatically.

Anyway, not a showstopper, but really, really annoying.

This isn't a rant, but there are a number of small things such as this that prevent EasyEDA from reaching the next level. That being said, it is miles ahead of Eagle in terms of usability, but much remains to be done. I would humbly suggest that before implementing new glitzy features, these small things collectively amount to a bigger deal, and should be addressed.

As always, thanks for listening.


@martin Hi, The snapping we will try to make it like snapping the schematic parts. the measurement tool we will improve it...I will add it in the to do list.
thank you.

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