Signal Generator doesn't work??!?!!?
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Atarashii 5 months ago
Hello there I've been using the SIM mode for quiet a long time. At first the signal generator worked as it should be then from the last month it doesn't give us the signal we wanted. In the picture you can see that I wanted a sinusoidal signal between 2V and 12V but when I'm measuring it it doesn't completely look like that. Hope the DEV will give a look and try to fix it thanks  ![image.png](// ![image.png](//
andyfierman 5 months ago
I don't think that the Signal Generator has changed. Maybe you are using it in a different way. If you look at the netlist for a simple sim with just the signal generator in it: ![image.png](// you will find that the subcircuit of the signal generator is made up of two voltage sources: ``` ** sig gen ** XFG1 VP GND VN FUNCTIONGENERATOR_XFG1 .SUBCKT  FUNCTIONGENERATOR_XFG1 1  2  3 V1 1 2 SINE(2 12 4k) V2 2 3 SINE(2 12 4k) .ENDS .SAVE VN VP .tran 1m ``` If you then study the Simulation Tutorial: [](<br> <br> you will see that the **Amplitude** refers to the peak voltage that the sinewave reaches so the peak-to-peak swing will be twice that. The **Offset** is simply a DC offset applied to that swing. The signal generator is configured so that both voltage sources produce the same swing but that from V2 is negative with respect to that from V1. So the positive output, VP, produces a swing of 24V peak-to-peak with an offset of +2V and negative output,VN, produces a swing of 24V peak-to-peak with an offset of -2V. On your screenshot you show that you have grounded the VN output, have left the COM pin unconnected and are measuring the voltage from the VP terminal. In other words you are measuring the difference between the VP and the VN outputs: V(VP)-V(VN). This will give what you see on your WaveForm plot: a peak-to-peak swing of 48V with a +4V DC offset. The Amplitude would be (24V+4V)=28V so the combined output swings from a positive peak of +28V down to a negative trough of (24V-4V) = -20V.
Atarashii 5 months ago
@andyfierman thank you very much sir!
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