Simplest simulation doesn't work
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Phil21 2 months ago
Hello all, I've just started discovering EasyEDA with a simple schematics (a DC source, a resistor and ground). I would like to use the simulation tool so I added a voltage probe and I would expect to measure the voltage of the source (+5VDC) (see below). [,id=c32dc1bde9704e6b84f0aa3a89f9300c](,id=c32dc1bde9704e6b84f0aa3a89f9300c) No signal appears in the simulation window. What am I doing wrong ? Thank you, Philippe ![Simple1.jpg](//![Simple2.jpg](//
andyfierman 2 months ago
There is no 5V source in your schematic. The 5V symbol is a net flag (a.k.a. netlabel) not a voltage source. Please read (3) in (2) in the post at the top of the Forum marked [Must read]: [](
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