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Simulation Gatway Timeout ?
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jthompson8 1 week ago
reference threads (all of witch have no answer as to why) []( []( []( []( [](<br> <br> why does the simulator almost never work? 1 in 50 simulations will actually produce a result but most of the time i just get Gatway Timeout with absolutely no expiation as to why. i created this test project and simulated it, 1 simulation succeeded out of 20 simulation runs, i made it public if it helps [https://easyeda\.com/editor\#cmd=new\_schematic\,cmd\_for\_project=2b75c7513fbd421eb2629e4c5107ab0b](,cmd_for_project=2b75c7513fbd421eb2629e4c5107ab0b)<br> <br> i have no clue it you can actually open it since trying to make anything public is a complete joke, there is a blue hand underneath the project in the tree so i guess its public but when i published it i got to this page, yet if i click the link it takes me to a blank scematic ![image.png](// <br> <br>
jthompson8 6 days ago
after hours of faffing, if i change the transistors for 2N2222 transistors it seams to simulate every time. the bug must be in the spice model or in how easy eda handles spice models and reports errors "Simulation Gatway Timeout" is defiantly not a helpful error message
andyfierman 5 days ago
"i made it public if it helps" [https://easyeda\.com/editor\#cmd=new\_schematic\,cmd\_for\_project=2b75c7513fbd421eb2629e4c5107ab0b](,cmd_for_project=2b75c7513fbd421eb2629e4c5107ab0b)<br> <br> You have made a blank schematic sheet public. It may help you to read and follow the instructions in: [](<br> <br> It may also help you to read the Simulation Tutorial (3) in (2) in: [](<br> <br> where you will find extensive information about how to successfully start up simulations, in particular those involving symmetrical multivibrators such as your example.
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