Snap grid is enabled but doesn't work?
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J4n m3y3r 2 years ago
Yesterday I installed the editor on Windows and have created a pcb from a schematic. In the pcb I placed all components, then clicked the canvas to enable snapping. It was already enabled (to 2.54mm). But components do not snap. Only tracks snap to pads. Alt-snap also doesn't work. In summary there is no indication that snap-to-grid in fact works. How do I get it to work? Don't know how to attach a picture. Here is a summary of the settings: * Snap: YES * Grid Size: 2.54mm * Snap Size: 1.27mm * Alt Snap: 0.127mm The grid is visible (default settings).
andyfierman 2 years ago
"Don't know how to attach a picture." In Chrome, Just drag and drop or Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V or in Chrome and Firefox, click on the image icon in the top bar of the post editing box. Sorry though: I can't replicate your issue.
cjohnson 2 years ago
At first glance, that's an incredibly small snap size. Change your snap size to like 5 millimeters you should then see the snapping effect.
J4n m3y3r 2 years ago
I found the solution. The Grid and Grid Size settings in the right pane do NOT, initially, work. They only work after one right-clicks on the canvas and selects a Grid Size. Don't know if this occurs once for a new install, for a new user, or for a new PCB. All I now it didn't work and now it does.
J4n m3y3r 2 years ago
Note that the desired canvas right-click menu is NOT available when a part is currently selected, even when right-clicking in the empty canvas.
tanoshimi 1 month ago
2 years later, and I just came here to find the solution I was looking for, thankyou J4n m3y3r! Even though the grid is visible and the settings are changed in the canvas panel, it seems that grid snapping has no effect until you've been to the right-click context menu and chosen the grid spacing at least once there first.
UserSupport 1 month ago
@tanoshimi Grid size is different with Snap size, you need to change the correct one
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