Snap to Grid not working as expected
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Twometer 2 months ago
I've noticed that sometimes the 'Snap to Grid' functionality does not work as expected. It seems like each component has its own grid to snap to which makes it difficult to align components that are critical with their alignment. Steps to reproduce: \- Create a PCB layout with two 0805 resistors \- Set snap size to 0\.5mm \- Try to align the two SMD resistors Observation: \- Aligning the two resistors does not work because they snap to different 0\.5mm grids \- When moving both resistors multiple times\, the bug "fixes" itself\. \- When setting the size of the displayed grid to the snap size\, the components also don't align with the displayed grid\. The same thing happens with the schematic editor sometimes, although it's less annoying there since schematics don't require perfect alignment. Expected: \- I'd expect that the Snap to Grid really snaps to the grid that I specify \- and that all components use the same grid\.
andyfierman 2 months ago
This behaviour is probably because not all Footprints or Symbols use the same reference for their origins. Most of the LCSC, JLCPCB and System libraries use the centre of the pads (pins for Symbols) to set the origin but quite a few may not have been corrected to that. Many of the User Contributed parts may not conform to that.
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