Solid region with exposed copper cannot be deleted
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amsgomes_9956 1 year ago
Andy . I drew a solid region (4 squares) and set it as exposed copper. Then I gave up to have  these solid regions and deleted them and drew other stuff on that place of the board. I noticed that the solid regions that I deleted still appear in 3D view and in the Gerber file. I am attaching the pictures showing the problem. ![tela1.png](// in the next image, from 3d view, look at the bottom left circle where 4 small solid rectangles appears. ![tela2.png](// Now the screen that shows the gerber file to be sent for production: ![tela3.png](// NO matter what I do, I cannot remove the squares from the pcb layout because they were already deleted. I cannot find them anywhere on pcb layout. the pcb layout is BottomBoardV2 in my project. How can I fix this ?
andyfierman 1 year ago
When you click expose copper for a solid region, apertures are created in the associated solder mask layer Have you deleted the apertures in the relevant solder mask layer?
amsgomes_9956 1 year ago
Hi Andy, sincerely I don't remember. For me, to delete something I just need to select it and click delete. But ok, in a case where I did not delete such "apertures" (I still don't know what it means), how do I select these forgotten apertures now and delete them. I cannot see "apertures" or "square" in any layer or object window.
amsgomes_9956 1 year ago
Andy. I did solve my problem, but in a HARD way. The steps I performed: 1\. Rename the PCB saving it with another name \(BottomPCBV2 to BottomPCBV3\) 2\. Select only objects that I want and then copy \(control\-C\) 3\. Go to the pencil icon and click Global Delete 4\. Restore the objects with Paste \(control\-V\) 5\. Save the fix pcb layout \!\!\! Of course, this is a workaround for my problem, but I would appreciate if you can tell me how to fix the problem without performing a Global delete. Althoght I think it is a real bug in PCB layout. As you can see in step 1, the former pcb is still in my project in case you need to check what was going on, I will work on the V3 version from now. Regards.
pinoccio 8 months ago
Form me a simple solution worked: select and Ctrl+X the whole PCB, then Ctrl+Z (undo the step) - resulted in just removing the solid copper area.
UserSupport 8 months ago
please check have you deselect the component at design manager?
dorio80 2 weeks ago
Andyfierman is right. This happened to me too when I exposed copper on a track. I changed my mind and wanted to un-expose it, but there is no control for doing that. Also my solder mask layers were not enabled in my layer manager. Once I enabled them I could see the apertures Andyfierman is talking about and could delete them. Of course there were multiple ones because I tried to un-expose the tracks by clicking the same button and every click created a new aperture. Sorry to revive an old thread, but I thought someone else would wonder where these apertures are. By default my solder mask layers were not enabled.
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