Spice symbol + Spice subckt does not work.
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andyfierman 3 years ago
**BUG** Concise problem statement: Please see: https://easyeda.com/forum/topic/Creating_symbol_problem-ljd7pHZhz Steps to reproduce bug: 1. Follow steps described in: https://easyeda.com/Doc/Tutorial/spiceSimulation.htm#2-From-a-subcircuit-in-schematic-form to create a spice subckt called `mySymbol` and to create a spice symbol called mySymbol. 2. Draw the schematic as in the Tutorial 3. Run simulation Results: `Error: unknown subckt: xu1 v1_+ 0 xu1_3 xu1_4 mysymbol` Expected results: Simulation should run without errors. Browser: Chrome and Firefox
support 3 years ago
Thanks. It seems you are the only users for that feature (: Will dig this
andyfierman 3 years ago
Not me, it was a question from a user following the instructions the Tutorial. Clearly, there are *some* users who read our Tutorials!
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