Spoke and Direct Pad connections on ground planes
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MikeDB 9 months ago
Could you add a third option where all pad sizes below a certain size are direct, and all those above spoke ?   Presently I have to go through the ground plane adding large pads to every critical r.f. thru-hole component, and I notice these are always the small ones.  The solder temperature is obviously set a little higher when doing this but it's still best to use spokes for large inductors or mounting lugs as they have much higher thermal mass and it's better if the PCB doesn't add to this.
UserSupport 9 months ago
It will be supported v6.3 not v6.4
UserSupport 9 months ago
juzertarwala 5 months ago
how to update to v6.3. I am using online editor and its not showing this option and also it is showing no update available when i try to upgrade it
andyfierman 5 months ago
Sorry but V6.3 has not been  released yet.
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