Stop automatic tab reloading
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lynxlabeling 4 months ago
When reloading an EasyEDA page, every schematic & PCB tabs are reloaded as well as copper pours rebuilt. This was not a big problem until a recent release which unloads the entire page after a period of time. Now, when resuming the previous day's work, one must wait a long time for all the tabs to be reloaded and rebuilt. Here is what I would like to see: 1\. Make unloading a page after a period of time a user option; the time should be user specified\. 2\. Do not reload a schematic or PCB tab until it becomes active\. A short wait when a tab is needed is better than a long wait every day\. You could also make this a user option if desired\. 3\. It would be nice if copper pours did not need to be rebuilt every time a PCB tab is loaded when nothing has changed in the PCB\.
UserSupport 4 months ago
If your PCB not saving at v6.4.14 and above, the copper filled data isn't saving in PCB file, then if you open the PCB first time it will rebuild the copper area, if your PCB is saving at v6.4.14 and new, when open the PCB will not need rebuild the copper area mostly, but if your PCB is very big(more than 14MB), the copper filled data will not saving in PCB, it needs rebuld the copper area when open at first time. and you said the tab reloading, not undertand, any GIF or image?
lynxlabeling 4 months ago
![image.png](// The circled area is what I mean by tabs. Each tab corresponds to either a schematic or PCB. If I leave the current browser page (the one with EasyEDA) the page gets unloaded after a fairly short period of time. By "leaving the browser page" I mean that I click on a different browser tab, still leaving the EasyEDA tab open. This tab used to stay loaded. It now unloads by itself, and then each and every schematic & PCB must be reloaded. Work is also lost if that particular design tab was not saved before the browser tab gets unloaded. So, 1\. The browser tab for EasyEDA should never be unloaded if no longer active 2\. When the browser tab is loaded\, EasyEDA should only load schematic & PCB tabs when activated \(lazy\-loading\)\.
lynxlabeling 4 months ago
I have an update. I discovered that it was my browser that was automatically unloading tabs after a short period of time, not EasyEDA. Since disabling the unloading of the EasyEDA tab in the browser, it now stays loaded. This leaves one feature request: Lazy loading of schematic/PCB editor tabs. When the page first loads, only load the last used tab. Load the other tabs when activated. One other small change I would like to see is the circuit tab order preserved when reloading the entire page. Currently, the schematic/PCB tabs seem to be placed in a random order across the top of the editor window.
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