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Super bug after "Updating components from the library" in schematic
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faeton 1 week ago
Good time of day! What fun it was! :) I have updated the components from the library on the schematic. After that, all the components that were **mirrored** vertically or horizontally **lost it**. Incredibly! When updating the PCB from the schematic everything went wrong . The tracks were renamed, and it was not enough to simply turn the component on the PCB. I had to look for these components on the schematic, mirror them again manually. It was a fun job, especially for resistors and capacitors! :)
faeton 1 week ago
@usersupport You didn't understand anything I wrote about. :) 1\. I have created a schematic diagram\. 2\. In the schematic diagram\, some components were flipped horizontally or vertically \(Format/Flip horizontal or Format/Flip vertical\)\. 3\. I have updated from libraries\. 4\. After update\, the flip was lost\, image was placed as it is in the library\, the flip was ignored\. 5\. Because of this\, errors appeared in the scheme\. 6\. Without noticing these errors\, I moved the changes to the PCB\. 7\. The PCB all collapsed because the circuit turned out to be incorrect\. When updating components from the library, the program must take into account the rotation and flip applied to the component earlier. In the screenshot I indicated what is happening. U58 turns out to be incorrectly installed after the update, pins are attached to the wrong conductors as a result. it shouldn't be like this, it destroys the whole schematic diagram when updating. ![1.png](//
UserSupport 1 week ago
If you placed the component has been changes, updated the components from the library will get the latest version to update the schemtiac component version you can try for this issue, this component must have been updated at Library, when you update, it updates the schematic version, the preview window is for checking these changes Starting with v6.4.20.8, the editor enables the historical versioning mechanism for schematic and footprint libraries. When a symbol or footprint library is saved, a new history record will be generated each time it is saved, and when the library is placed on the canvas, the latest historical version of the library will be used. For example, MAX232 schematic library and footprint SOP-8, when the MAX232 schematic library is bound with SOP-8, it is placed in the schematic diagram and converted to PCB. At this time, the version used by the SOP-8 of the PCB is the historical version that was placed in the schematic diagram at that time. , if you edit the footprint library SOP-8 again and add one more pad, the schematic diagram will be transferred to a new PCB again, and the original footprint will still be used. If you want to use the new version footprint, updates the corresponding component at schematic design menu. This design ensures that the version used at the time is not affected by subsequent footprint modifications, ensuring that the version placed at that time is always used. If it is a schematic diagram drawn before v6.4.20.8, the latest version of the footprint will still be taken directly when transferring or updating the PCB, because the old file placement device does not record the historical version at that time. This mechanism does not currently support private deployment versions.
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