Thick tracks for close pins
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Raghav Kumar 6 days ago
Hi Guys. I was wondering what is the most efficient way of thickening your tracks when the pins of the component you are connecting them to are too close to each other. For example, in my circuit, I am switching about 20A with my Fets and wanted the tracks to be about 5mm or so for the traces that were actually carrying that current. However, due to  the pins of the Fets being close by, I cannot do so without sprouting clearance errors. I thought a good way might be to thicken the tracks for the most part and just link the thick parts to the component with a thinner trace but that seems tacky and I am actually not able to even do that for all pins of the FET. Here is my project. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. [](
JLCPCBsupport 6 days ago
Hello ; Trace width is so important when you involve high current in your circuit, I don't know if you measured the minimum width for 20A or you just used 5mm width randomly !! Anyway you can check the following link in order to learn how to define the exact trace width regarding current value : [,material%20and%20operating%20temperature%20allows.](,material%20and%20operating%20temperature%20allows.) You still can connect those tiny pins if you set a "copper area" related to the high current Net. Also you still able to connect your tiny pins the way you suggested in your design but make sure that the 5mm are enough to carry 20A.
andyfierman 6 days ago
There is a way to change the width (almost) on the fly but I'm not sure it works how the developers intended! Route. Stop the route. Change the routing width in the right hand panel. Click back on the last point you routed. Start routing again from that point **but do not click to create the next vertex.** Then either: Clicking the minus (underscore) key now switches to the new routing width minus 1 increment lower in size and then press the plus key to go back up to the desired new width; or: Clicking the plus (equals) key now switches to the new routing width plus 1 increment higher in size and then press the minus key to go back down to the desired new width. I'm pretty sure what was intended (and I'm also pretty sure that is how it used to work) is that you simply press the + or the - key to change the width as you are routing but it's got broken in recent updates.
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