Trouble while using pcb/schematic modules
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aweasyeda 2 months ago
My design is composed of two identical sections, so I tried to use modules schematic/pcb to duplicate a part of my design. I created schematic/pcb modules from a design of one section, then I placed duplicate modules in schematic and pcb in a new project. The components were renamed correctly both on schematic and pcb, Unfortunately all the tracks on PCB kept the old nets. For example: the track connecting  pin 5 of U1 and R1 on the first section of the design has a net name U1_5, when placing the second section U1 becomes U2, R1 becomes R11 which is correct, but the track connecting pin 5 of U2 to R11 has still U1_5 as net name on the PCB. Of course the ratlines indicate clearly that the second section is incorrectly wired. What went wrong here ? Is there any method to replicate pcb modules correctly ? Any idea ? Thanks
andyfierman 2 months ago
Your project is private so only you can see it and your post does not give enough information (i.e. access to at least your modules, how you have constructed your modules and schematic and/or your pcb). Please read: **If you are asking for help about a Project** in: []( My guess is that you should remove the netlabels in your schematic (and, if you have already created them, your PCB) modules before you place them. Then I think they will automatically be given unique netnames with each instance.
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