Type of Vias
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oeneo 1 month ago
How is choosed the type of via in EasyEDA? According with Corelis.com: _**"Blind Via**_ A blind via extends to only one surface of the printed circuit board. Blind vias may be used for SMT or BGA pads. Because blind vias touch the surface on one side of the board they may be accessible to physical probes. _**Buried Via**_ A buried via does not extend to either surface of the printed circuit board. Buried vias are not directly accessible to external probes." ![via_types.png](//image.easyeda.com/pullimage/nLFqeOIF5JJ9lR3BPE71aCla2H2ppLmgAGInjLZ9.png) If i wish to create a 4-layer pcb and i need to connect 2 internal layers, i should use Buried Via, all right? Because the external layers should not connect to internal layers. For other side, if i need to connect the any NET (OR from the top-layer  OR from the bottom-layer, i.e, not both,) in the another NET in a internal layer (only one of these), i should use "Blind Via", ok? Because the only connections should be in one of the external layers (top OR bottom) with one of the internal layer (not both). But, in EasyEDA, when VIA is selected, none information of th type is show. ![via1.png](//image.easyeda.com/pullimage/nQvFfC0dGLTtm0f5LzuWT22O6WSYOR0Jjlz0UrMA.png) After create a new 'via' and it is selected, only attributes can be show in the following image. ![via2.png](//image.easyeda.com/pullimage/kYNjBhPRtvTAmBjeRpuBGhTcHt16RD381QLTPY10.png) Ps.: In my project, i used 4-layers designer. ![layer2.png](//image.easyeda.com/pullimage/d56Ck79fdJ4BFjMLcENlvaYLbzQxXrQXsyuBapxP.png) So, we can help-me? Thanks!
oeneo 4 weeks ago
Someone would help me?
andyfierman 4 weeks ago
At the moment, EasyEDA only supports simple plated through hole vias. It does not support the creation of blind or buried vias.
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