UI (lib/project) a little wacked - suggested improvement
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KeepItSimpleStupid 4 years ago
Why is the other libraries all the way at the bottom of the page? What's common about My projects, shared with others and Easy ED libs? One of them is Out of place. Why not put "My Projects" and "Shared Projects" in one drop down. then "Easy EDA Libs" and "Other Libs" in a second drop dowm; i.e. Put related stuff together. It like putting shoes (EDA Libs) in aisle 1 and boots (Other Libs) in aisle 99 in a store.
support 4 years ago
If EasyEDA libs on other drop down, how to switch? the left panel is the only place
KeepItSimpleStupid 4 years ago
You totallly missed the point. One drop down 1. My Projects 2. Shared Projects and Another drop down 1. Easy EDA libs 2. Other Libs not... 1. My projects 2. Shared with me 3. EDA libs and five kilometers (OK ..15 cm on my screen) away another drop down that says: 1. More Libraries.... Don't mix the apples (Libraries) with the oranges (projects).
dillon 4 years ago
I think you are right. We know that, but we know we want to keep the UI simply, we don't have too many options, so it is easy to find
KeepItSimpleStupid 4 years ago
At least you see it. Taking it a bit further, there could be "My libs" and "Libs for this project". It was sort of annoying that I could not copy a net name or anything else for that matter from another sheet. There are still a few places that I'm confused. Under "My parts", I see zero instances even if I use a * for a search term. I'm interpreting it as "Parts I've used" So, the UI (User Interface) is confusing. I'm playing and not doing anything exiting at this point or essentially not paying attention to detail, because I don't know what the details I should be paying attention too. There should be a real tiny tutorial (possibly a video tutorial) that starts with a really simple circuit. Say LED, battery, resistor and switch and 4 mounting holes. Case #1 would use existing parts - say all SMD Case #2 might use no library parts: A Jumbo LED, thru-hole resistor and a different switch. Maybe a little more complicated, say using an LT3092 current source, although drawing an MSOP would be better or something harder like an MSOP with a thermal pad. The case #2 circuit doesn't have to work. This is missing in almost all EDA layout software. You need to be able to do a really simple PCB from scratch, not using any libraries. The largest piece of the learning curve was you have to use "snap to grid". Without that, you can't even connect to the package pins. The most annoying thing, so far, is the inability to copy/paste between any sheet, even like sheets. The spice and schematic symbols are different and there is no Words on the canvas to denote what your making. You only have an Icon. Net Label and Net port, I believe are essentially the same if named the same, but Net Port didn't seem to allow a direction (i.e. you can't connect to either side of the symbol) Remember these are newbie comments where I don't know anything about the software.
andyfierman 4 years ago
`My Parts` is for parts you have created yourself, not parts you have simply used. To build up a local list of parts you use frequently, click on `Favorite` under `More...` in the selected part panel when you have found a part using the `More Libraries...` or `SHIFT+F` search. You know which of a Schematic or a Spice symbol you are editing by which editor window you opened to start with and by the little in the tab at the top of each opened editor. You also know which type of symbol you have opened​ for editing from the `SHIFT+F` search because the Spice symbols have a little `s` in the. You can copy and paste between sheets. You just have to have both sheets open at the same time. :)
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