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Version control and manipulation
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Bob11746 1 year ago
I have started using version control instead of making clones of projects to make minor changes or updates.  The big downfall here is I can't have two versions open at one time.  I often palletize with two different designs.  Previously, I could just copy and paste to make the second design.  Now, I can only open one version at a time. Questions: * (1) How can I open two versions at one time? * (2) Can I transfer (copy?) a particular version to a project at the root of my directory? * (3) How can I transfer a project at my root, and make it a version of another project that is similar and may have already have several versions? Any help you can provide would be most appreciated. Bob UPDATE:  Regarding the second question, you can make a clone of any version and it will end up at the root of your directory.  Solves the problem but creates others. Now you have an illegitimate copy floating around.  Seems to be overkill if you just want to compare versions.  Question 1&3 still open. Andy??
andyfierman 1 year ago
OK. Here are answers to you questions (1) and (3) but be **very** careful and try them out in some dummy projects first. 1) You could Duplicate the browser window and the swap versions in one of the two that are now open. You may screw things up if you try to save something in either window however. If you refresh the window showing original version, it will turn into the version you swapped the other window to. I haven't checked but I expect similar problems to arise if you try opening the same project in two different browsers (such as Firefox and Chrome). 3) Suppose you have two projects A and B. Project A has versions A1 and A2. Project B has versions B1 and B2.  You want to save Project B version B2 into Project A. Open Project A and Project B in the left hand panel Opened Projects list. Do not open (close any that are already open) any schematics in the Editor for Project A. (You don't need to do this as you will be prompted to close it when you try to Switch Version later but ths step makes the procedure a little clearer.) Right-click Project A > Version > New Version Enter a Name and a clear Description for the new version (in this example we'll call it AB2). Click Create. Switch to this new Version AB2. Select and delete the schematic shown in the left hand panel under Project A - AB2 In Project B, Switch to Schematic Version B2. Clone it into Project A. It will then appear under Project A as a Schematic called B2 - Copy (or whatever you may have decided to rename it to). This s now a copy of the schematic Proect B Version **B2** in copied into Project A. Note that any changes to **B2** in Project B will not affect the Schematic **B2 - Copy** in Project A. Obviously for this to work practically, B2 has to be essentially the same as A1 and A2 in terms of layout and major components otherwise it just creates a mess and it might as well have been a new project.
andyfierman 1 year ago
Sorry: forgot to finish putting the bold highlighting in and I should probably clarify that Version **B2 - Copy** under **Project A** will actually appear as **B2 - Copy** under **Project A - AB2** so you probably want to rename the Clone of B2 from Project B to AB2 as you clone it into Project A to save any confusion. One thing I have noticed and which may already have been posted as a Bug Report is that it does not appear possible to delete a Version from the Version Management tool. It just says "Delete Failed". You can delete the schematic associated with that version but the option to Switch to it remains valid: you just get a version with no schematic attached to this. Note also that I have not tried any of this with PCBs as part of the process!
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