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rodyne 7 years ago
**Feature Request** Hi. I am not sure if there is version control, but if I Order a PCB (Like the ones I recently ordered) I would really like to keep a read-only snapshot of the PCB and schematic files at that point of manufacture. (or make the files read-only so I can clone them) This is because 1. I may modify the files while they are being manufactured and I would lose information on the boards being manufactured, then it would be difficult to test them. 2. Changing the boards would be bad for the PCB manufacturer, they may pick up the CAD files after I make a change. 3. When I get the boards back and need to fix errors I still have a reference of my old board. 4. I may want to revert back to this known good board if I screw things up. I have to do this manually at the moment and remember not to modify any files sent for manufacture! I would also like a flag to indicate the manufactured board works or not. I hope this is not too much to ask as it would make the system much more professional than other packages.
dillon 7 years ago
Hi, Version Control is very important. We are sure we need this. But the team are focus on the Libs now, Too few Libs in EasyEDA, and It is a bit litter hard to manage. About the order. you need to create a snap by your self. After you pay, we will download the gerber files . It is better you need to backup, or don't modify the PCB again, Or when you get your PCB, you will find your PCB file is not the same. Dillon
martin 7 years ago
You should integrate GIT :-)
dillon 7 years ago
GIT is possible. Because EasyEDA format is ascii. making the editor best is what we should be focus on now.
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