What happended?! Background got hazy and now lots of DRC errors
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mbratch 3 months ago
was working on my PCB layout and must have clicked something unintentionally. The background changed from black to "hazy" (medium gray-ish) and a DRC errors are now occurring. What state is this thing in and how do I get out of it? ![Capture.jpg](//image.easyeda.com/pullimage/feEEzmYF8E41ruiBkNFx7cczyNft8NMExBHqpAfJ.jpeg) It looks like it's confined to one layer. I can see the traces I had on that layer. If I isolate that layer to look at it I see my traces plus the gray background. I'm just not sure what "state" it's in. ADDENDUM/RESOLUTION; Not sure what it was, but I was able to go to that layer, just click on a blank grey spot, and hit the Delete key. It went away. :)
andyfierman 3 months ago
You may have accidentally placed a hugely wide track, or increased the width of an existing one. That would explain everything that you described. :)
mbratch 3 months ago
@andyfierman Thank you! Sounds feasible!
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