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Where to find LTSpice power sources?
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jmgonet 1 week ago
I'm setting up a circuit to simulate a RLC filter. As explained here([](, my circuit should have a power and/or a signal source. When I'm in the circuit editor, where do I find the power source so I can add them to my circuit? * I can't find them in the "Commonly library". * In the "Library", selecting "Search Engine = EasyEDA", "Type = Spice Symbol" and "Classes = System", I can locate a promising section named "Power Sources / Spice Sources". In it there is a VOLTAGE_SOURCE. When I place it in my circuit, the LTSpice netlist export stops complaining and works. However, when selecting this component, it shows no section "Voltage Source Settings" where I can configure the source. My question is: where do I find the nice power sources that are exemplified here: [,id=33ceeaef756d4e4d81aef87c9b9f25ea](,id=33ceeaef756d4e4d81aef87c9b9f25ea)<br> <br> Best regards,    Jean-Michel Gonet
andyfierman 1 week ago
* The battery symbol has been removed from the "Commonly (Used) Library" but there is another one available in the Spice Library: ![image.png](// * If you want sources with user parameters accessible in the right hand panel then they're in the drop down list in the left hand panels: ![image.png](// If you want basic sources that you can configure anyhow you like\, including adding LTspice specific parameters that are not available in the right hand panel \(but which can be added by editing them directly in the schematic\) then use the Voltage\_Source and Current\_Source from the Spice Library: ![image.png](// (but ignore the Description referring to Ngspice: I will try to get that changed to reference the LTspice Help documentation.) * and read: [](
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