Why Lm7905 give positive voltage instead negative in Lt-spice simulation at EasyEda software? (solved)
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elasa group 4 months ago
Hi: I have selected the Lm7905 and lm7909 in simulation mode like this: ![image](https://i.stack.imgur.com/T3gxm.png) Which could be seen here: [https://easyeda\.com/editor\#mode=sim\,id=\|1f8d2e91e71e4daeba70b25b2bc15fa6\|4b4839cf2c8c497b981f4f62a1a04f0a\|310de4f753f3458f88e92d9f05ab0594](https://easyeda.com/editor#mode=sim,id=%7C1f8d2e91e71e4daeba70b25b2bc15fa6%7C4b4839cf2c8c497b981f4f62a1a04f0a%7C310de4f753f3458f88e92d9f05ab0594) So as you could see the multi meters have the same 5V and don't show -5V or -9V? Alternative link: [https://electronics.stackexchange.com/questions/465970/why-lm7905-give-positive-voltage-instead-negative-in-lt-spice-simulation-at-easy](https://electronics.stackexchange.com/questions/465970/why-lm7905-give-positive-voltage-instead-negative-in-lt-spice-simulation-at-easy) Thanks.
elasa group 4 months ago
it have been solved because of my [mistake](https://electronics.stackexchange.com/questions/465970/why-lm7905-give-positive-voltage-instead-negative-in-lt-spice-simulation-at-easy?noredirect=1#comment1176181_465970) in using LM79XX : > The LM79xx requires a **negative** input voltage, not positive.
elasa group 4 months ago
So have can i change the question to Solved?
andyfierman 4 months ago
I think you can just edit the title to add [Solved]:
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