auto route with copper area for ground

  TCChan, 2 weeks ago

I am designing a dual layer PCB and want to have copper area for grounding.
As a result, I want to have as many tracks on the top layer as possible.

Probably, for my circuit, it is not possible for all tracks (except grounding) to be on the top layer.

The auto router ran for a long time and the maximum percentage in the progress bar is 96%.

I am happy to have the remaining 4% on the bottom layer. So I stopped the auto router.

On the PCB layout page, the routing on the top layer seems to be OK. Then I tried to continue the remaining tracks manually. It did not succeed. The tracks did not appear, instead a number of yellow X were created.

Is there a way to
1 Request the router to lay as much tracks as possible on one layer and the remaining on the other layers?
2 Let the auto router to complete most of the tracks and manually finish with the rest.

Meanwhile, I am trying to record those incomplete tracks, exclude it from the auto routing, route again and then finish it manually. But it is messy and error prone.



Hi can select only one layer to go on the auto route.
enter image description here
2.Sometimes, the autorouter can't finish all the nets, you have to route the rest manually, or you can route the first and them skip them to auto route.

the more you can refer:

we will re-write the auto router in the future, that will take a long time.
thank you.


Thanks for your reply.

Here is my suggestion.
At present, when the user interrupted the auto-routing, the layout created by auto router cannot be further routed manually.
It would be nice if the auto router is interrupted, it returns a layout that can be finished manually.
In my case, if I skipped the ground and Vcc, the auto router can finish up to 96% which is very good already.



@TCChan Hi, if the auto router keeps 96%, you have to stop it manually. we keep the layout on purpose when it is interrupted.

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