can't save edits to footprint (PCB Lib)
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lynxlabeling 1 year ago
**BUG** Concise problem statement: When editing a package created earlier, when saving, an error says "xxx is exist, please change a new title". Thus the changes cannot be saved. Steps to reproduce bug: 1. Go to Parts, Select from packages in myParts. Select edit 2. Make a change to the footprint. 3. Select "Save" from the menu. Results: It tries to save as a new footprint, asking for the name & description. Clicking the ok/save button results in the error. Expected results: It should just save the changes without bringing up the save as PCB lib window, and the save should succeed. I don't think this happens consistently, although the dialog does come up consistently. Also, the grammar is bad in the error msg. It should read: "xxx already exists. Please choose a new title." Browser:
andyfierman 1 year ago
* I can confirm this with a part that I copied: ![enter image description here][1] I don't know why it is not appearing when you search for it with the new title but if you look under: **User Contributions > Schematic Lib** or **PCB Lib** then it will appear: ![enter image description here][2] * This is a recurrence of a bug that I reported and was fixed some months ago (but I cannot now locate the bug report I raised). [1]: /editor/20171027/59f25825c8a10.png [2]: /editor/20171027/59f2577128c01.png
Tutorials 1 year ago
EasyEDA doesn't support two same title lib in personal libs. if you choose save as you have to change it's title, if you want to change its title and description, you need to right click it and use modify option. ![enter image description here][1] [1]: /editor/20171027/59f28dfc0d003.png
andyfierman 1 year ago
@Tutorials, What you say about having to save with a different name is true but I think that is not the issue here. The problem is as shown in my example. In my first picture you can see that I cloned a part and saved it with a new name. Then I searched for the new name but no results came up. My second picture shows that the part has been saved under **User Contributions** with the new name. * So the bug is that the Search does not find the renamed part when it is first saved in *User Contributions**.
andgar 2 months ago
Are there any plans to fix this extremely serious bugg? Not being able to change a foot print is so serious that it almost renders the entire software useless!
andyfierman 2 months ago
@andgar, You misunderstand this post. The issue was not that it was not possible to create or edit schematic symbols and PCB footprints. The issue was that having done so, they were not showing in a subsequent Shift+F parts search. That issue was fixed several months ago. If you are having problems creating or editing schematic symbols and PCB footprints then in the first instance, please consult the Tutorial. If you are stuck after that, please post to the forum in a new thread clearly describing your difficulty, accompanied by screenshots or better still a link to a public project illustrating the issue. Thanks.
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