how do I vertically center a net label with a horizontal wire?
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mchahn 2 weeks ago
How do I create a net label that aligns correctly with the end of a horizontal wire?  New labels always have the connection point at the top or bottom of the text (see mclr below).  I also can't change the connection point from centered to bottom. Right now I have old labels centered like msl that i copy and paste which is a lot of trouble. In this image the top lable has the connection point on the bottom right and the second label has the connection in the middle.  How do I change mclr to align with the wire? ![Screenshot (10).png](//
JLCPCBsupport 1 week ago
Hello you can manually move the labels , for more accuracy, you should reduce the snap size in your editor (minimum value is 1mm) ![snap size.png](//
mchahn 1 week ago
You didn't understand my question.  I asked about positioning a net label with respect to wires, no positioning part labels.  Read my question again and look at my image.
andyfierman 1 week ago
@mchahn, I don't think it has ever been possible to intentionally move the text of a netlabel independently of the anchor point. I suspect that your apparently centred labels may be an accidental result of this bug: [](
UserSupport 1 week ago
Hi Doesn't support this feature, we will support it at the totally new version.
mchahn 1 week ago
I already am using this feature by copying old net labels that have the anchor point in the middle as I showed in my image.  I assumed the feature was available and then broke.  I guess I am lucky. :-)
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