how to probe voltage in simulation
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redsunwit 8 months ago
i am using voltage probe. but it always gives me db. how can i get the voltage? even though i use probe V(netname). it still gives me db rather than voltage
andyfierman 8 months ago
Please read: []( and in particular read the Simulation Tutorial. Study the chapters on setting up Analyses and on configuring Voltage and Current Sources. From your post it would appear that you have set up a signal source to include an AC source and you are running an AC Analysis. Assuming that you are attempting to run a simulation on your project, RF Power, your simulation will fail because you have used a schematic symbol for the lamp which does not have a simulation model associated with it. Also check that C3 is connected.
andyfierman 8 months ago
My comments about the opamp and C3 may not be relevant. They were based on looking at the image of your schematic in: []( which I think is out of date compared to the actual project at: [](
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