how to tie schematic-module with pcb-module
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fabiocannizzo 6 months ago
I have a sub-circuit made of a bundle of components, wires and pins. There are several instances of this sub-circuit in the main schematic. So I created a schematic module and a pcb-module. In the main schematic, I 'place' many times the schematic module. But how can I tie that with the PCB module, so that the PCB module is used when I convert the main schematic to PCB?
MikeDB 6 months ago
I think I read somewhere that you have to manually place the PCB module as well - EasyEDA doesn't have a true repeating macro function like some other PCB systems.
fabiocannizzo 6 months ago
OK, I tried the hard way: 1) place N copies of the schematic-module in the main schematic 2) create the pcb from the schematic 3) remove all components from the pcb and place N copies of the pcb-module 4) rename all components in the N PCB modules to have prefixes identical to the ones in the schematic 5) go to the main schematic and do "update PCB", hoping this would add the ratline connecting components 6) edit the net in all tracks copied from the pcb-modules This work, but it is a tremendous amount of repetitive work. I guess I will make a feature request.
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