keep copper fill out of specific area
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Zambiorix 3 years ago
when I select an area to be copper filled, how do I keep a certain space within that area clear ?
andyfierman 3 years ago
2 choices: 1) Draw the original area polygon so that it goes round the keep out area. As long as they don't overlap, you could use a number of separate copper areas to tile round the keep out area. 2) Place a Solid Region set to Cutout where you want the keep out. Beware though that might also remove pads and tracks too. I'm not sure because I have not tried this.
Zambiorix 3 years ago
Thank you for your help. Options 2 works perfectly , it does not remove pads and tracks (as expected).
jhuljev 1 week ago
If it is not too late, I found a solution: \- Make circle \- right\-click \- convert to Solid Region \- Move to Layer with copper you want cutout on \- Set type to \- No Solid \- Rebuild copper
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