pcb layout work excessively slow, when there are too many components
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joseeeeee76895 1 week ago
``` when I have to move a group of components, on a pcb it is excessively slow. It may take several minutes. I don't know why this is due. There is some way to fix it. ```
joseeeeee76895 1 week ago
<span class="tw-menu-btn-image z1asCe wuXmqc" title="Borrar el texto original"></span><br> <br> ``` I have followed these tips from another forum topic, and now it is incredibly faster. ``` There are some methods to try to improve: 1\. Via Tools \- Design Rule\, disable real\-time DRC 2\. Via Settings \- PCB settings\, disable Add Teardrop Automatically 3\. Via Settings \- PCB settings\, disable Net Highlighting While Coursor Hover the Track 4\. Via Settings \- PCB settings\, disable  The Track's Routing Follows Component's Rotation 5\. Via Settings \- PCB settings\, disable  Rebuild Plane Automatically\, and using copper area instead of inner plane layer 6\. Via Settings \- PCB settings\, set Canvas Zoom Effect as Speed Priority 7\. Hide ratline layer before move footprints at PCB 8\. Check footprints which have a lot pad's\, and the pads are polygon type\, please modify them as Retangle or Oval 9\. Suggest PCB doesn't over 300 footprints\, Pads and Vias no more than 1500 We are developing a new engine, over 30 thousand pads still smoonth, It is expected to launch in a year, demo address:[https://lceda.cn/newpcb](https://lceda.cn/newpcb)<br> <br>
joseeeeee76895 1 week ago
I've been testing and the problem has been fixed with just this: * Via Settings - PCB settings, disable  Rebuild Plane Automatically The other points do not have such an impressive result.
UserSupport 6 days ago
Hi Can you send your PCB as EasyEDA format to [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) that seems your PCB too large or too many objects
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