unable to use "~" at the start of text

  terryjmyers, 2 weeks ago


Concise problem statement:

Steps to reproduce bug:

  1. Add a text field to a schematic

  2. type: "~15V"

Results: text appears as "15V" instead of "~15V"

Expected results: "~15V"

Browser: Chrome



Yes, It is normal, We deliberately ignore this particular symbol.


OK, this makes sense, however, If you are storing the information in a JSON file you can use a simple programming trick to allow such characters. Simply replace any user entered "~" with a unique character like something not normally entered by a human like ascii character 7. Then when you display it back to the user reverse the conversion.
I've used this technique as a software engineer storing information in XML files where the deserialization program barfed on certain characters, like single and double quotes.

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